TOSKANIcosmetics (Barcelona, Spain) – leading European developer and a manufacturer of farmaceutical, medical, cosmetical and medical-aesthtetic production.

TOSKANIcosmetics is in the market of medical items/goods for 30 years and nowadays is widely presented all over the world.

TOSKANIcosmetics is a hightech production that meets the strict EU standards and has been approved by international ISO and GMP quality certificates.


TOSKANIcosmetics has own laboratories and manufactoring with modern equipment of latest generation.

TOSKANIcosmetics has perfect formulas – balanced and ideally combined ingredients. The products are checked and approved by European specialists during 20 years!

TOSKANIcosmetics – best price-quality ratio! Low cost of the products is provided by direct delivery from Europe!

TOSKANIcosmetics – effective, safe and beneficial!