Product Description


Extract of Centella Asiatica 0.5%,
Fucus Vesiculosus 1% and Hedera Helix 1%.

ASIACEN is a combination of purified plant extracts of Hedera, Fucus and Centella. Centella has healing and venotonic properties, stops the formation of fibers which trap cellulytic nodules and increases the flexibility of connecting tissue, stimulating the formation of connective tissue and improving venous return specially in the areas where cellulitis is found.

Because of its high iodine content and when applied locally, Fucus extract allows an increase of the lipidic metabolism helping with lipolysis and oxidation of fat acids, that contribute to an increase of calorific action and use of glucose at a muscular cells level and adipocytes.

The extract of Hedera helix is rich in rutin and for it shows vasoregulated activity: arterial vasodilator, venous vasoconstrictor, reinforcer of capillary resistance with a consistent increase of return blood flow improving the elimination of toxins.


Each 2 ml ASIACEN ampoule contains:

  • Purified extract of Fucus vesiculosus: 1%
  • Purified extract of Centella asiatica leaves: 0.5%
  • Purified extract of Hedera helix leaves: 0.5%
  • Excp. aqueous q.s.p.: 2 ml