Cleanzing milk

Cleanzing milk


Product Description


Deeply cleanses and removes dirt and pollution which builds up in our skin throughout the day. Gentle, milky makeup dissolver removes even long-wearing facial makeup and sunscreens, then tissues off or rinses away with water.

Contains ceramides, which repair the skin’s natural barrier improving hydration. Contains Bamboo water, residue-free formula leaves all skin types soft, comfortable.

For all skin types; ideal for drier skins.


Use morning and/or night

Use as needed as a usual face cleanser or as a Make-up remover.

Apply generously all over the dry skin doing a softly and circular gently massage avoiding eye area.

Tissue of with a cotton ball.

Moisten skin with TOSKANI Bambú Hidratonic or Thermal Tonic

Tissue of again with a cotton ball to retire completely the cleanser milk

Spray again Bambú Hidratonic or Thermal Tonic generoulsy on the zone. Let air dry or by gentle strokes with a cotton ball or cotton gauze

200 ml Pump bottle

500 ml Pump bottle