Product Description


Artichoke extract

The purified extract of artichoke leaves contain tannin, mucilage, cinarine, escualin, insulin, vitamins A, B and C and flavones and glycosides of luteolin. It is also rich in sterols, magnesium, potassium … compounds that act in synergy with cynarin.
All these actives give the artichoke extract the following properties:
Obstructs the endogenous synthesis of cholesterol and lipids.
Increases biliar cholesterol excretion.

Flavonolides, mineral salts and organic acids
Increase renal flow.
Increase liver uropoyesis.

Protect of the cell membrane against free radical aggression.
Prevent the oxidation of Vitamin C

Chlorogenic acid
Stimulates bile formation, giving them mild laxative effect.

Vitamins A, B, C
Vital substances for the organism