Product Description


Manuronate of monomethyl trysilanol, DMAE

The organic silicon is a polisaccharide extracted from the alga and linked to silanoids groups, that are organic derivatives of silicon, which allow the skin to take the necessary quantity of the active when needed acting against free radicals and reconstructing and moisturizing the support tissue.
The DMAE is a precursor of the acetylcholine (ACh), by the route of the choline. It is a viscose liquid, transparent like the water and which smell, frequently characterized as ammoniacal, reminds the smell of rotten fish. It is found in a natural form in the organism, being detected in the brain in small quantities.
The DMAE can be included in the estructure of the cellular membranes where its antioxidant properties reinforce the resistence of the membrane to oxidative stress, that derives from the break of radicals of the phospholipidic double layer and of the production of eicosanoids, associate to a cutaneous inflammatory state.

The degradation of the cellular membranes and the subsequent inactivity of the proteines and transmembrane recipients are considered as main factors responsible of cellular aging.


Each 5 ml DM-SILK ampoule contains:

  • Manuronate of monomethyl trysilanol: 0.5%
  • Excp. aqueous q.s.p.: 5 ml