Idebenyl Tight

Idebenyl Tight

Product Description


0,5% Idebenone + 1% DMAE PROPERTIES

Idebenone: Idebenone is a synthetic analogue of coenzyme Q10, vital antioxidant in the cell membrane and essential constituent of the production of ATP. Idebenone is a potent antioxidant that has the ability to act under conditions of low oxygen concentration in cells, and in situations of stress. Because of this property protects cell membranes from oxidative damage and inhibits lipid peroxidation by inhibiting the enzymatic metabolism of araquidonic acids by the enzymes cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase.

DMAE: The Dimethylaminoethanol, also called Deanol, Dimethylethanolamine or Norcoline is a small hydrophilic molecule which formula is C4H11NO or (CH3) ² N (CH2) ² OH. Its low molecular weight allows easy skin penetration. The degradation of cell membranes and subsequent inactivation of proteins and transmembrane receptors are considered as major factors responsible for cellular aging. DMAE promotes synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, structural protective membrane, improving its ability to repair, making it more resistant to organic stress, preventing its destruction and subsequent formation of Arachidonic Acid and other proinflammatory mediators. Provides protection against free radicals without being considered an antioxidant per se. DMAE also participates as a precursor in the conversion of choline into acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which increases the degree of muscle contraction. Explain its capacity to restore tone and firmness to the muscles subjected to the aging process and thus countering the flaccidity and wrinkles. DMAE may be included in the membrane structure of cells, where its antioxidant properties reinforce the membrane resistance to oxidative stress resulting from the radical rupture of the double layer of phospholipids and eicosanoid production associated with inflammatory skins. DMAE is also used for its antioxidant properties, membrane stabilization and inhibition and repair of the cross-linkings between proteins clearly involved in the phenomena of aging. This enhances the maintenance of collagen and elastin and slows the dermis ageing. The implementation of DMAE causes a visible effect of strength, generally called “lifting effect”. This tightening effect can be visible as early as 20 to 30 minutes of product application on the skin and we can see a different tension between two hemifaces when only one of them is treated with DMAE. Studies have shown: 29% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 26% Reduction in roughness and dryness of the skin 37% Increase in skin hydration 33% improvement in the overall facial appearance

INDICATIONS Detoxifying facial skin exposed to stress, nicotine, sunlight … Lines and wrinkles Dehydrated It helps in lifting facial treatments Antiaging Revitalizing for dry skin Excellent adjunct anti-aging therapy

IDEBENYL. 0.5% Idebenone, 1% DMAE.

Aqueous excip. 2 ml ampoule.

Boxes of 20 and 100 ampoules.