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Antiaging Peel Off Mask

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The Anti-ageing Peel off mask promotes cell renewal by supplying amino acids from the Spirulina,that are essential for the supporting

tissues. It also has strong antioxidant properties of trapping and neutralising free radicals.Cell renewal is stimulated,wrinkles are reduced because the skin becomes more elastic and the adverse effects of sunshine are overcome.The skin is gently remoisturised by the kelp alginates.

The mask quickly turns into a gel form when mixed with water.For all skin types.

Recommendations of use

For a face treatment, mix 30 g of powder and 90 g of water at room temperature (20-25 C) Mix vigorously (+/- 1 minute) until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture.

Apply the treatment immediately in a semi-thick layer on a cleansed skin(avoid the eye contour and eyebrows) The mask will dry within 6 minutes

Leave the mask in place for at least 10 minutes, then peel off in a single movement to leave the skin clean and ligty perfumed with the subtle fragrance of pink grapefruit.